About Us

Daniel Bolle

Massage Pro International was established in 2002 by Daniel and Liza Bolle, both of whom have a Physical Therapy background. Massage therapy is rooted deeply in both their practices and continues to be the driving force to total body wellness.   


Daniel Bolle previously worked at Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation along with Physiatrist Dr. Taras Kochno and internationally-renowned Kinesiologist Aaron Mattes. Daniel’s work emphasis was on Sports Medicine patients along with top-notch Professional athletes with key injuries. Daniel completed his Physical Therapy schooling in 1992 from where he established a "Rehabilitation Group" service provider in the Tampa Bay area. His company provided therapists to local hospitals, out-patient clinics and nursing homes. Since graduating from MassageTherapy in 2001 and opening MassagePro, Daniel has dedicated his focus on Manual Therapy techniques ranging from eastern and western philosophies throughout the United States. Sports Medicine / Pain Reduction and working with his clients is his passion.

Liza was the Director of Rehabilitation in a local nursing home for 18 years. Currently is in the Home Health field as a Physical Therapist for two prominent companies,  also the evaluating therapist at Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Both Daniel and Liza combine Eastern and Western techniques to their treatment plans.            

Dan and Liza have lived in Bradenton over 15 years and have three children: Danielle, Karissa, and Elijah.


Helena Chavarria

Helena Chavarria was born in Czech Rupublic and has been a Massage therapist 2011. Helena has built her skills around a well rounded massage. Skilled in Swedish, Deep tissue, hot  stones, and  warm bamboo. Helena specializes in cupping, aromatherapy and orthopedic massage. Since graduating in 2011 from Manatee Technical College as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

she has established a large following of clientele both local and international. 

 As Advanced Esthetician Helena also provides skin care services that includes Facials, deep pore cleanse, dermaplaning and much more. Helena returned to Manatee Technical College to be licensed in advanced esthetics.

 "I love both body work and skin care therapy. The skills I've learned and picked up along my journey have been an amazing. I have two wonderful children and a passion to help people with  their health needs. Its such a relaxed atmosphere at MassagePro which makes my job much more fulfilling." Helena Chavarria LMT. MA 63758

Helena Chavarria LMT 63758, LE FB9765404