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About Us


Massage Pro International was established in 2002 by Daniel and Liza Bolle, both of whom have Physical Therapy background. Massage therapy is rooted deeply in both their practices and continues to be the driving force to total body wellness.          

Daniel Bolle previously worked at Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation along with Physiatrist Dr. Taras Kochno and internationally-renowned Kinesiologist Aaron Mattes. Daniel’s work emphasis was on Sports Medicine patients along with top-notch Professional athletes with key injuries.

Dan & Liza with Danielle, Karissa and Elijah

Liza is currently a Director of Rehabilitation in a local nursing home and the evaluating therapist at Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Both Daniel and Liza combine Eastern and Western techniques to their treatment plans.           

Dan and Liza have lived in Bradenton over 10 years and have three children: Danielle, Karissa, and Elijah.